Magnolia's all-new Sta. Rosa Ice Cream Plant is now operational

It is the cornerstone of Magnolia's legacy in making the finest ice cream in Philippine history.
A symbol of Magnolia's commitment to provide families with products and services of superior quality and excellent taste.
A showcase of the best equipment and technology in ice cream production...
Home to highly-driven individuals dedicated to continue making Magnolia Ice Cream a world class name and an integral part of the Filipino's rich heritage.
It is a testament to San Miguel Pure Foods Company's core purpose of nourishing and nurturing families worldwide.
Magnolia Ice Cream. Only the Best will do.

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Magnolia Ice Cream general manager Mayo Alcon (extreme right) and brand assistant Zhar Bernas (extreme left) hand over a donation to Cribs Foundation overall head Liway Flores following a recent get-together party hosted by the ice cream brand for the organization catering to abandoned children and abused women. The donation was part of the proceeds from the sales of the Magnolia Ice Cream Amorsolo edition tubs.

Magnolia Makes Good On Promise

National Artist Fernando Amorsolo would have been very proud.

This as Magnolia Ice Cream formally turned over the proceeds of its Magnolia Ice Cream Amorsolo edition tubs to charitable foundation named CRIBS, a center for abused women and children in Quezon City last Dec. 22.

Magnolia Ice Cream general manager Mayo Alcon led his team in the turnover which also turned out to as an impromptu Christmas Party attended by the CRIBS residents.

“We are very happy to share a part of what we raised from the Amorsolo Perspective edition of Magnolia Ice Cream. We were able to bring part of cultural heritage back in the consciousness of Filipinos and were able to provide joy to the CRIBS Foundation,” said Alcon.

The Amorsolo tubs were such a hit that the 20,000 tubs literally flew off the shelves. They were considered collectibles even as they featured paintings which were part of the long-running, seven museum-wide exhibits entitled Amorsolo Retrospective: “His Art, Our Heart.”

Magnolia’s Filipino flavors Macapuno Ube Swirl, Creamy Halo-Halo, Buco Salad Royale and Quezo Primero had paintings like Mango Vendor (1930), Winnowing Rice (1938), Sunset (1927), Woman in Banga (1922), Planting Rice with Mayon Volcano (1949), Tinikling and Nude with Orchids (1939) on its in-mold labelling.

“Amorsolo’s paintings represent/epitomizes everything Filipino and how simple life was then. Looking closely, Amorsolo drew inspiration from Filipinos’ display of industry, integrity and resilience,” says Magnolia Ice Cream general manager Maurico Alcon.” His paintings are usually found at the museums nowadays, so we are doing our part to bring Amorsolo’s works to majority of the Filipinos.”

Alcon says this effort is trailblazing for the ice cream industry. “Although aside from museums, we already see famous paintings in postcards, mini-prints and t-shirts, this is the first time that Amorsolo’s paintings will actually grace the in-mold labeling, the technology in ice cream packaging that makes these designs possible.”

“We believe that this project is a perfect way to re-introduce the works of our great National Artist to the Filipinos, particularly the youth in this age of the internet and electronic gadgetry,”he adds.

Amorsolo, born on May 30, 1892 in Paco (Manila), was bestowed National Artist status a few days after his death on April 26, 1972 at age 79. His works which include paintings, sketches and studies reaching more than 10,000 pieces is an enduring influence to many Filipino painters.

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Pacquiao Couple Endorses Magnolia Ice Cream

Pacquiao couple endorses Magnolia Ice Cream, Fresh Milk. Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee sign a deal to become endorses for Magnolia Ice Cream and Fresh Milk recently. Representing Magnolia Ice Cream is general manager Mayo Alcon (extreme left) while signing for Magnolia Fresh Milk is Magnolia Inc. general manager Reginald Baylosis (extreme right). Also witnessing the signing are Magnolia Ice Cream brand assistant Zhar Bernas, Bunny Estavillo , Magnolia Ice Cream brand manager Pinky Custodio , Mario Mendoza and Magnolia Fresh Milk brand manager Elmer Villasanta.

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Magnolia Awarding

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Ube For A Good Cause

Most Filipinos, particularly the youth, might scoff at the idea of eating anything with ube or purple yam for being too old-fashioned.

But that notion somewhat gets watered down when you talk about the Mountain Maid Ube Jam made famous by the Religious of the Good Shepherd in Baguio. During the summer season, both old and young, mostly tourists, flock to the Mountain Maid Training Center (MMTC) store to buy jars upon jars of ube jam along with cookies and other treats.

And why not? Buying and eating ube jam is not only a delicious end in itself as the proceeds are used to send Cordillera girls to college.

Magnolia Ice Cream, the finest name in ice cream, helps the Good Shepherd sisters in this aim as the brand launched its two ube flavors—Ube Keso and Ube Leche Flan—this month. The specialized in-mold labelling in the tubs will give Filipinos a peek at the ube jam-making process and the confines of the RGS convent.

The limited edition ube flavor tubs will not only promote even further RGS ube jam, but also raise funds for its worker-students in the MMTC.

“We are very excited about this partnership with the Good Shepherd sisters since we will not only promote their famous ube jam, but also give our share to their fund-raising for education,”says Magnolia Ice Cream general manager Mayo Alcon, who thanked Baguio Community superior Sr. Guadalupe Bautista for supporting the project with Magnolia Ice Cream.

“This is a chance for Filipinos to take another look at ube or purple yam and also to help send kids to school, Alcon adds.

Magnolia Ice Cream product manager Pinky Custodio explains that these two ube flavors are guaranteed to excite the taste buds of even those who aren’t exactly ube fans. “If you notice, our Magnolia flavors are not only ube per se, but also merged with keso and leche flan, which are staples for us Filipinos,”she says. “We are sure ice cream lovers will see and taste ube in a different light.”

“And if I may add, not only in a different light but also a different motivation as it will help the Good Shepherd sisters and their scholars,”she adds.

Although the ube jam was first introduced by Sr. Fidelis Atienza, the RGS recipe was perfected by Sister Mary Assumption Ocampo (Avelina Ocampo) of the Religious of the Good Shepherd (RGS), whose dream was to send 5,000 students from poor families in the Cordillera to earn a degree through the work-study program since the 1950s.

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